A New Site!

I have decided to move the blog. WordPress makes it a lot easier for me to do certain things so that is why I made the switch. From now on, you can follow our family, travels, stories, and parenting woes here.  I  will be trying to blog more now that it will be easier.  I do hope you continue to read, it should be very entertaining!

Things with the move to Italy are definitely heating up. We have been scheduled to leave even earlier than before, which puts us about three weeks out. What do I have packed you ask? Nothing. I have, however, completely organized our home and thrown out every single thing we don’t need. That alone felt so amazing. We had so many things that were of no use. Both JW and I feel so good about lightening our load that I think we will go back for a second round. It is funny that the less stuff we have the happier we are. I love it. Almost as much as I love these two munchkins who continue to grow and change everyday!

A moment that doesn't happen too often.
Brought to you by my iPhone and catlike reflexes.

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