Two Days

Time has started to play tricks on me.  Sometimes it seems like we have plenty of time to do everything before we leave, other times I feel the pressure to do too much in too short of a time.  Now we have two days left in this wonderful little city of ours.  I am beginning to feel homesick already, just thinking of the people we are leaving behind.  The only thing saving me from crumpling into a little pile underneath the stress, excitement, and other various emotions, is the support of those I hold dear.

My mom was here visiting this week, which lifted our spirits a lot.  JW was out of town yesterday and today but has since arrived home safely and we have begun the final preparations.  The past few days have been filled with picnic lunches, lunches with friends, potlucks, and treasured little beach moments that I will hold on to in my memory bank for when I need them.  I will truly miss everyone, but am so appreciative of the support and the genuine excitement everyone has shown for us.  I don’t know how anyone could do this without a community to back them.

Vance at the Chicago Botanic Gardens
Vance riding his bike at Share the Streets
Baby lunch date for Indian food
My lunch datE
Beach afternoon
Caroline and princess Reese

imageThere is something so heart warming, knowing that even though we are embarking on this huge adventure, there is a little corner of the world in which we have a home and people we love.  That being said, I am starting to get excited about this adventure, getting out and seeing the world in ways I would have never imagined.  We are flying into Zurich, Switzerland on Saturday night/ Sunday morning and from there (after two days of chocolate and German) we are going to take our time getting to Bologna, Italy via train.  I love trains.  I used to commute an hour each way to work in Chicago but I loved it because I could relax on the train.  I am so looking forward to that leg of our journey, peering out of the windows to see the Alps whizzing by.

I am armed with a backpack full of activities and snacks for the kiddos.  We are hoping they sleep on the plane a lot (obviously) but I don’t know how realistic that is with the noisy nature of the flight.  I would like to get some sleep as well, but I am quite certain that will not happen unless there is a pre-flight cocktail involved.  Which is a definite possibility since I am not too fond of flying.  The train, though, will be relaxing barring any tantrums or meltdowns.

Once we get to Bologna we will pick up our car and drive an hour to Scandiano, a small town outside of Reggio Emilia.  We will be staying in a hotel and then in an apartment inside of an old farmhouse in the Italian countryside.  That part will feel like a mini vacation.  Then we will begin the search for a larger apartment once we are settled.  My first order of business is to really work on my Italian.  I have become much better, but still have a long way to go.  What better way than conversing with locals?

Hopefully, my next post will be from Switzerland!  Here’s to a safe journey and a small number of tears (shed by adults and children alike).


One thought on “Two Days

  1. Good luck Rosie and your little Family! Hope you have a very safe Journey! Hope to here from you and pictures. Prayers for you all! Love and Kisses, Aunt Linda and Uncle Bill

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