Siamo arrivati!

We have arrived in Zurich!  The jetlag is insane but still manageable.  An hour before we left for the airport, I caught Caroline doing this…


Of course she learned to pull up on things an HOUR before we leave to catch a NINE HOUR flight.  Thankfully the kids did great.  They slept the whole time on the dark, cozy plane.  We walked around Zurich as half-zombies but enjoyed it nonetheless.  Now it is time for an early dinner and bedtime, but first I had to post a few pictures from our first day!







4 thoughts on “Siamo arrivati!

  1. Rose! You’re there ! We just went apple picking. Please keep blogging. So great to hear about travel.Tell vance sam says hey. Hi to caroline anf JW

  2. Thanks for reading Amy! I love apple picking and am super bummed to be missing out this year. It’s my fave time of year in the Midwest! Will tell everyone you guys said hi. We are going hunting for postcards tomorrow so tell Sam to watch for some mail!

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