A Day in Zurich

ImageWell, let me begin by saying that we are now in Italy and trying to figure out a lot of STUFF.  I will write a few different posts so as not to overwhelm you with information. But before I begin, let me give you an abbreviated list of the things we have learned while travelling Europe with a toddler and infant…

  1. Toilets are square and bidets are too much fun for little hands
  2. Children will take every last drop of energy from you while they get over their own jet lag.  Prepare accordingly with plenty of good quality wine/coffee/fried anything and humor.
  3. Staying in a one room hotel room SUCKS.  I don’t need to write any further on the subject.
  4. Breathe.  Let go of all ideas you have about how things should be.  This one is the most important and the one that keeps presenting itself to JW and I on an daily hourly basis.

 I haven’t written in a few days because our Internet connection has been touch and go, a great metaphor for our life currently.  We spent last Monday exploring Zurich.  I have to say it is a lovely city, but I wouldn’t spend more than a day or two there.  The culture was mostly German, as represented by the spoken language, but there were so many different ethnicities accounted for as well.  It reminded me of a German Chicago.  You shop, you eat, you shop, you walk, you rest.  We found some very cool little alleyways in the city, which always led to a small, quaint little restaurant.  The food was rich and a little heavy for me but that is German food!

We found a children’s festival, thank goodness!  The school children had the day off for a public holiday and a large carnival was taking place up in the foothills of the Alps.  We took the tram, along with a bazillion other people, and walked through the crowded streets, taking in the aroma of sausages, fried dough in various forms, and the scenery.  The jet lag for all of us was still very difficult at that point, but especially for Vance. Seeing the other children and riding a roller coaster greatly improved his mood and spirits!

There were many tantrums in Zurich, but JW and I tried to deal as best we could.  I knew that would happen, but I didn’t realize how tired I would be and how hard it would be to remain patient.  Now, almost a week into this adventure, things are starting to turn around and Vance is getting used to everything.

I feel bad for Zurich.  It is probably a lot better than I am giving it credit for, but we were jet lagged the ENTIRE time and Vance and Caroline were not in the right mode for sightseeing.  We didn’t get to tour the historical sights as much as we just walked around and behaved like a local, eating and shopping, trying to stay awake.  That being said, for just walking around I managed to capture some great pictures!

Commence longest picture show in blogging history…














Okay, so I am sure we will be posting more pictures than that at some point.  I can’t help myself, there is so much texture in Europe.  The sights, smells, tastes, scenery, history, everything is tickling my senses!  I do have a love-hate relationship right now because we are still in this big transition mode.  I am hopeful, though, that in the coming weeks we will all settle in and begin to enjoy ourselves even more!

Prossima volta!

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