Verona has stolen our hearts.  We all loved this adorable city!  The streets were bustling with people, the energy was ancient and laid back, and the history was amazing.  Verona started out as a Roman city so everything is very old.  The streets were made of pink marble and the buildings were brightly colored with wonderful balconies.  It had everything you would ever want to see in an Italian city, Roman ruins, castles, fortresses, bridges with amazing views, good gelato, people making out in the parks because they just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other…


First we ventured to the Roman arena in the center of town.  The outer wall is original from 30 AD and the interior was reconstructed after an earthquake in 1100.  It is still used today for shows, concerts, plays, etc.  AMAZING.  Vance and I climbed to the top at his request.  Those tiny legs sure do pack a punch!




Next, we consulted our good buddy Rick Steves and headed to Casa de Guiliette (House of Juliet).  Of course, most of us know Verona from the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet.  Although she was fictional, the Italians have managed to create an elaborate story surrounding her life and death in this city.  They love to tell tall tales.  The entrance to her garden is a tunnel filled with millions of graffiti love letters.  The gates are adorned with love locks.  You can see the infamous balcony.  We stayed for about a minute total. Too many tourists (like us haha).



After that, we strolled through the city to Piazza Erbe, which is an amazing gathering space.  We found Saint Anastasia, an incredible old church.  Vance lit a prayer candle there for JWs grandma who is dealing with an array of health issues.

V for Vance



Saint Anastasia






We also went to Pointe PIetra, an old Roman bridge.  The views from it were phenomenal.  Vance managed to find a hole to stick his head through…BOYS.



From the bridge, we could see the ruins of an old Roman theatre and a fortress called Castel San Pietra so we decided to go for it and make the hike.  There were hundreds, maybe thousands of stairs.  Again, Vance walked EVERY SINGLE ONE.  And the views were even more spectacular than we had imagined.

Ruins of a Roman Theater



I could have spent all day in the park there but we were hungry for gelato after all of that hiking.  In the name of gelato, Vance will do anything!  Too bad he passed out from walking all of those steps and mommy and daddy had to eat his.  Don’t worry grandmas and grandpas, we found him a chocolate filled cookie that was just as good and he gobbled it up once he woke from his nap.

Signing off from Casa de Campbell.  Ciao Ciao!


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