Home Sweet Home

We are home!  After a whirlwind month and a half stay, we are finally back in our cozy little condo.  We were supposed to stay until the end of November but JW had to make a trip back to the U.S. for work. We decided that it would be best if the kids and I accompany him and then stay here while he goes back to Italy.  We will all return at the beginning of February to stay for the year.

We had a long, hard day of travel with two kids last Thursday, 17 hours from door to door to be exact.  The long flight was the easiest part.  I know that many people are scared of flying with children, and I used to be, but honestly I don’t see the reasoning anymore.  I tend to think that parents aren’t scared of going out to eat or flying with their kids, but rather they are scared of what the people around them will think when that little stinker voices their opinion or wants to get down and play.

It is sad that we have to feel this way about our youngest citizens.  They are people, they have feelings, not everyday is good.  Caroline was great on the plane, don’t get me wrong, but there were a few times when she made her unhappiness heard.  I was so grateful to be around people who didn’t seem to mind, and even talked to her and made her smile.  Vance was happy to just sit and watch movies almost the entire time, taking breaks only for eating and peeing (in the really sanitary airplane potty of course).


Now that we are home, I am starting to digest our experience.  We learned so much about ourselves individually and as a family.  The kids are learning to be more resilient and flexible in everything they do.  They picked up some different habits and a bit of the language which is fun.  Vance has a better understanding of the world around him and just how big that world is.  I learned to be more grateful and more patient (always a work in progress).  JW and I both learned how to enjoy things more, even (and especially) with little ones around.

We are happy to be home and are looking forward to the next phase of our journey!  Thanks to everyone for the support during this difficult transition.  I am so glad that so many are enjoying our travels and stories right alongside us!  Ciao ciao!


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