A Walk in the Woods

The days of being outside for hours on end are coming to a close.  The energy that used to go into jumping waves and playing games of soccer in the hot sun is now bubbling up with no where to go.  Like a little volcano, Vance will get bursts of energy and it is then that I know a walk or outdoor activity is needed.  If, that is, I ever want to keep my house from being destroyed.  And destroy it he will.

Yesterday we were all feeling a little wiry and strung out.  Good thing the weather was on our side!  We headed to the nearby nature center for a good old walk in the woods.  It was cold and the sun was setting but it was a wonderful way to end the day nonetheless.  We saw some deer grazing in the woods right next to us and a bunch of squirrels scurrying to gather and bury their acorns for winter.  Of course, when we got home, hot cocoa was in order, and there is nothing better on a cold fall night.




The thing I miss most about Italy is the long walk that people take prior to eating dinner.  It is good for digestion, good for the soul, and always good for little ones to get outside.  Maybe we can make this more than just a fluke of an evening.  I would like to take a walk in the woods more often with my children, taking in the different seasons as they pass, and marveling at how amazing these little human beings are that I have the pleasure of spending time with.


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