Dirty Thirty

I have been seriously neglecting my blog lately.  It has been coming to the same fate as many of my houseplants around here.  Good thing I am more capable when it comes to raising and caring for children…or at least I think I am.  God help my children.

I turn 30 this weekend.  There, I said it.  Some people seem to think I should be upset that I am turning 30 but the only other option is to not have a birthday at all.  That would be tragic, birthdays are meant to be a celebration!  In reality, it means very little to me as far as the number goes.  I am so grateful to be celebrating my birthday with friends and family that I love and it gives me a chance to reflect on all of the blessing that have been bestowed upon me.

I was excited today when, as an early birthday present, we found out more about our assignment in Italy.  We have been waiting and waiting (and waiting and waiting) to find out the length of time they want JW to be with the HQ overseas.  Today we know and it is only a year.  Very doable.  I am happy with it and we will be back next year for the Christmas holidays.  Now I can get to the fun part of planning vacations and trips!  And the not so fun part of packing…I guess this means we have to think about Italian school for Vance in a more serious way but that will come.

Speaking of Vance, we are currently trying to convince him that the Elf of the Shelf is not a possessed toy that will eat his soul in the middle of the night.  I guess he is smart….I wouldn’t want a toy to come to life in the middle of the night either.  Nor would I want to even think about some fat guy dressed in red who lives across the country watching every move I make through the eyes of said toy.  You call it Christmas, I call it an Internet safety lesson.


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