Dear Santa

Although Vance is slightly creeped out by the big man in red, he still knows that this possible cat burglar is responsible for some present giving.  When we went into the city on Saturday for the Christkindl Festival, we got to see the big Christmas tree at Macy’s (formerly Marshall Fields) and Vance had the chance to write and mail a letter to Santa.

He started with his name (always a good idea) and then wrote a bunch of letters on the notecard.  He said he wants letters for Christmas.  I love my kid.  He definitely had no problem with the long distance communication with Santa.  Maybe next year we could even get him into the same room with the guy, although I don’t really care either way.  If Vance doesn’t have a face to put with Santa, he may always think of him as a spirit of Christmas instead of a tangible person.  For some reason, this seems important and almost special to me.

Maybe it is the lazy parent in me that sees a future discussion of how Santa isn’t “real” ending in relief on his part instead of total devastation.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

“Please make this letter get to Santa but please don’t let him see my return address!”


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