Snow Days

The kids, JW and I have been snowed in for what seems like almost a week.  I guess it seems that long because it started snowing pretty heavily on New Years Eve and the weather has just been getting worse since that point.  I could write about how bummed I am that I haven’t been able to do much walking outdoors (I am) or about how crazy my kids are becoming, trapped in our small condo (they are).

But…I choose optimism.

We have at least gotten out to play in the snow and go sledding which was a huge hit with both kids.  We have many new shiny Christmas presents with which to pass the time.  We have a crock pot going with some belly warming food almost everyday.  We have each other.  And we have this amazing, short amount of time in which we are allowed to be lazy together.  I can snuggle my babies in their p.j.s past noon and make a big warm breakfast each morning…and leave the dishes for later because, hey, we aren’t going anywhere anyways.

photo 2




I love this about winter.  The forced laziness, the cozy times.  Mother nature is telling us to slow down and cherish the moments we have together.  I plan to listen because she has been quite a bitch lately and I wouldn’t want to mess with her.  Stay warm and stay safe, cuddle your loved ones and count your blessings! 🙂


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