The Age(s) of Innocence

On a quiet walk the other morning, I had time to reflect on this crazy whirlwind they call parenthood.  I often reflect on it when I get the chance because that is the only way to stop time and see my babies for what they really are in this moment.  I started to think about their innocence and how much a part of childhood that is.

We are born into this world so helpless, with so much trust in those around us to keep us alive.  Then, as we grow and change we pick up habits, go through phases, and eventually come out a full fledged adult…although if you ask me, the growing and changing never cease.

I got to thinking about how innocent my children are, even in the midst of their worst tantrum.  They are growing and changing everyday, every second, but the most amazing thing is that in THIS moment, right NOW, they are the most innocent they will ever be.  Once the next moment comes along, they will have grown ever so slightly, changed just a bit, and learned a little more.

This is how children work.  They teach us the most beautiful lesson we can ever learn…that this moment right here is “where it’s at”.  If we stop and take a breath and really look at our children or loved ones without expecting anything in return, we will see them for the first time and last time in this one moment.

I hope this makes sense to more people than just myself.  These tiny bits of enlightenment are the golden nuggets of each day, and they are almost always given to me by my children.  Who is the true teacher in this relationship?

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