As we close up the loose ends on our life in Evanston (for the year), we are entering a mode of reflection.  Both grandmas made an appearance last weekend and it made all of us feel better.  I know the kids are experiencing the same emotions I am…excitement, frustration, sadness, curiosity…I can tell you that the one thing we are all excited about is escaping this winter.  No winter coats will be coming to Italy and I am so happy about that!  I did, however, manage to knit a few new hats for us to wear in case it gets chilly. 🙂  I think a little springtime sweater for each of the kids will be next…I will probably start that project on the plane and finish it when Caroline graduates college…

This hat is actually for me but someone stole it…photo

The boxes have been packed and shipped.  The suitcases are coming along.  It is one step forward and two steps back when I have a preschooler and toddler unpacking everything I put in the suitcases.  I have been slowly gathering some little things here and there to keep the kids occupied on the plane.  I made a new little game for Vance to help him with letter recognition and Italian vocabulary.

IMG_3313 IMG_3308 IMG_3317

The flight this time will be shorter and divided into two segments…8 hours to Munich and then another 2 to Milan.  We are staying in Milan that night and then driving to our apartment in Scandiano the next day.  We have had some bittersweet good byes the past few days with more to come.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this transition!  Ciao Ciao, next time I write we will be in Italy!


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