La prima settimana

We had a quiet first week.  Just getting to know our surroundings and trying to get the kids accustomed to the European way of life.

Gelato has been an actual meal at least twice…and the other 7896432 times it was a dessert.  Either way, we may have already eaten more than our share.  Surprisingly, or not so much, our waistlines have not changed.  The food here really is different.  It is richer, smaller in portion, and very yummy!  I have loved cooking with the amazing produce we find at the fruitivendolo right next door!

Have you ever seen an egg yolk this orange? So beautiful!


The park has been a staple.  Vance and Caroline love picking the “flowers” (clover) and we have been pressing them in a big book.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Long walks are how we spend a good portion of our day.  We walk to get our groceries and other things we need and when we don’t have any other errands to run we just stroll with the other Italians along the cobblestone streets.

Vance and Caroline are still having a rough time with sleep so I am hoping by next week they get into a better routine.  The roller coaster of emotions continues to engulf us.  One minute we are really happy to be here, having a great time.  The next minute we really miss home and want to see a familiar face.  That leads us into feelings of guilt for not being just completely grateful and happy to be here.  And thus continues the cycle of the Expat.  Wine helps.  So does watching reruns of 30 Rock (in English!!!).

Thanks for reading my ramblings and making me feel connected to life in America!  The sun is supposed to make its way into our life this week along with temps in the 50s and 60s!  We are looking forward to that, and I feel a trip to the coast is in order for next weekend!

Ciao Ciao!


One thought on “La prima settimana

  1. ah! i’ve been off FB for some time and as i was stumbling around today noticed you had MOVED to ITALY!!! how how HOW exciting. i can’t wait to keep up with your family via blog. Xx.

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