This past weekend was rainy rainy rainy all over Italy.  We decided not to go anywhere and to, instead, get some stuff done for our apartment.  We had a few final things we needed, which we took care of on Saturday.  By Sunday, we were itching for a day trip…it is hard to be so close to so many amazing places and sit around all day.  Because of the weather, we decided to stay close to home and just go to Parma.

Parma is an hour Northwest of here, toward Milan.  We left late in the morning on Sunday and arrived in time to scout out a good Osteria for lunch.  There were only 5 tables total in the whole tiny place.  It was so quaint and warm, everything an Italian Osteria should be.  We had an AMAZING lunch (which the kids really did NOT fully appreciate).  Then, we headed back out into the rain and cold armed with warm bellies.

The pitter patter of rain caused the kids to go to sleep almost immediately when we got into the car.  We had decided to go to the Torrechiara Castle just outside of Parma.


Since the kids were asleep, we made it a driving tour of the castle instead, but vowed to go back when the weather was more cooperative.  We drove all the way back to the town where JW works, Viano, because there are two more castles there that we wanted to find.  It was nice to have a quiet car ride, and it was as close to a date as we can get right now!

This dog was guarding Castello Quarciola, a smaller castle in Viano. His job that day wasn’t fun and he didn’t look like he was too thrilled to be wet!

IMG_3464 IMG_3466 IMG_3469

We also had to drive by the factory where they make Parmeggiano Reggiano…duh.

All of my pictures are taken from the car…I was a lazy photographer that day!  We ended the weekend by  talking to family on FaceTime and then had a great dinner at a friend’s restaurant.  We are planning a trip for next weekend that I am really excited about!  Now to find a hotel…

Ciao Ciao


One thought on “Parma

  1. Glad you had a date 🙂 Can’t wait to show Reese that you are seeing real castles. She is going to be very jealous.

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