Silk Scarves

We are in a sea of scarves.  Every Monday morning at the market in Scandiano, there are vendors selling silk scarves for a scarce three Euro a piece.  At every festival we have seen, more vendors are selling them.  Every man, woman, and child wears one everywhere.  No matter what the temperature is outside.  It is as much a fashion statement as it is a necessity to keep warm when the temperatures unexpectedly drop in the evening.

My Gran owned about a hundred silk scarves.  I guess she was onto something.  I purchased my first scarf at a market last weekend.  I wear it everywhere and I feel like I fit in better with the rest of the population.  My Italian skills even feel more confident and easy when I am wearing it.  It is my magic scarf.

Of course, Vance needed one too.  I have tried to put one on Caroline about 8 times but she is not a fan.  I am sure once she notices the toddler boys and girls wearing their bandanas at the park, she will want to trump their accessories.  It looks like a bunch of little cowboys and cowgirls roaming around.  So cute.  And they call US Yankees…



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