Gas or Vino?

You won’t believe what the Italians have come up with now.  Actually, I don’t know if it is just the Italians but I have never seen anything like this outside of Italy.


Walk into a winery here, and you will find what looks like a gas station.  With pumps.  But with wine.  And it is not shitty wine.  It is the best wine you have probably ever tasted.  And it costs just a few bucks because the best wine you have ever tasted is the average wine here.

See? Gas pumps.
Tasting station. Best to taste it before buying a huge cask of it!
Fill ‘er up!


All of the wine is made here, with grapes sourced from a few different farms in the area.  The farm we stayed at last fall sends their grapes to a winery such as this one, where they are turned into a yummy wine by highly skilled craftsman.  We enjoyed sampling some before deciding on a few bottles (not casks) to bring home with us and try in the coming weeks.  We have fallen in love with a new type, Spergola, an aperitif (you drink it before the meal).  Next, we might start to try more noble wines, meaning the grapes are hand picked.  These can be found a lot in the Cinque Terre area.

If you are traveling through Italy, stop at one of these wineries for a taste!


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