Happy Birthday!


Ahhh betcha thought I would forget your day since we are so far apart?  Never!  How could I forget the day that my life changed FOREVER 😉


You are the jelly to my peanut butter.  The blue cheese stuffed olive to my martini.  The powdered sugar to my donut.  The cream cheese balls to my cherry jello.  Okay, enough with the food references, you get the idea.  You make my life sweeter, and although I didn’t realize it at first (when I was 2 and didn’t really think having a sister was as good as having a cupcake or a puppy), you always have.

Here’s one more…the Kit to my Dottie.

I love you and I love the creative, artistic, beautiful, womanly soul that you are.  You are the best mother I know.  The best artist I know. The best at charades and Scrabble. The only one who knows me inside and out.  I am so proud to have you as my little sister.  Happy birthday Kat!



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