Roma Part 3

On Sunday morning, we woke up bright and early (and having lost an hour of sleep due to daylight savings).  We headed over to the historical capital of Rome, where the Colosseum and Forum create a larger-than-life atmosphere.

We decided to tour the Forum first.  It was difficult to find the ticket office and entrance tucked behind a wall, so we ended up walking the entire strip of the capital before setting foot inside.  The Forum was insane, just because of the sheer volume of history.  It is basically a huge area of ruins and archeological findings.  There were temples that were reduced to just the columns that once held up the ceiling, giant marble slabs, rocks, bricks…it was Vance’s (and every other kid’s) dreamland.  I loved looking around, although things were not really labelled so I am glad I had my Italy guidebook to decipher the ruins.

P1060130 IMG_3923 IMG_3924 IMG_3929 IMG_3932 IMG_3933 IMG_3936 IMG_3943 IMG_3945

Next up, we had lunch at a great place a few blocks from the Colosseum.  We sat outside under a giant tent, munching on great food, drinking great wine, and relaxing.  Afterwards, we went to the Colosseum to have a look.  Thank goodness we purchased the tickets for the Colosseum at the Forum ticket office.  We breezed right by the HUGE line of people and went right in.  We spent about 30 minutes inside, wandering around, taking in the history.

The floor of the Colosseum was a labyrinth, which confused us but we later found out that it used to be covered with wood boards and sand.  So the ruins we were looking at were the traps that people would fall into from the floor above.  Interesting.  And maniacal.  Vance was intrigued when I told him to look for the cages where lions used to be kept.

P1060154 P1060158

Labyrinth that used to be under the floor.


Family pic thanks to a nice stranger…we take them where we can get them!

IMG_3916 IMG_3955 IMG_3963 IMG_3967

After the Colosseum, we decided to walk back to the Pantheon to meet my cousin and her friends and partake in MORE gelato.  You can’t have too much.  Especially when it is 70 and sunny outside.  I am so grateful that the weather cooperated!  The rest of our day was spent meandering, enjoying company of family, and eating a great dinner.  We found a great place called Ciccia Bomba not far from Piazza Navona, which is another wonderful sight in Rome.

IMG_3999 IMG_3998 IMG_3996

We did really enjoy Rome, but I have to be honest and can’t say I fell in love with it.  It made us happy that we live in a smaller city in Italy.  I love the authentic Italian experience my children are getting.  We decided to visit Siena, in Tuscany, on our way home, which I will write about next!  Now THAT was a city that I could fall in love with!



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