Vance’s Roma

While we were sightseeing, Vance was constantly asking to take pictures (with our really expensive camera).  We decided to indulge him a few times and the results were actually really good!  So here are the results from our budding photographer…(we did not help him at all and most of the time we weren’t even paying attention…because we are THAT good of parents ;))

P1060112 P1060098 P1060087 P1060075 P1060070 P1060069 P1050980 P1050971 P1050965


4 thoughts on “Vance’s Roma

  1. Sylvia says “it’s pretty to cool to see kid’s pictures.” The girls and I have been looking at the photos. Looks like you are all doing well. I’m glad to see Vance is learning some sophisticated photography angles.

  2. Oh yes he is learning, or maybe kids just already have that coolness built in since they tend to tip the camera in ways we would never imagine. Good thing there was a shoulder strap involved! 🙂

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