Dove siamo…

Family update time!



  • Loves learning Italian and using it in everyday conversation.  It is both satisfying and a challenge.
  • Could eat my weight in caprese salads with mozzarella di bufula.  IT IS SO GOOD HERE and tastes nothing like in the US.  Also pesto.  Pesto. On. Everything.
  • Have discovered some great tools for parenting that I have been putting to the test.  I have been trying to have a more positive tone with Vance and giving over more control to him in everyday decision making.  It is having a great impact on him and it is rewarding to see how he can take charge.
  • Am SO excited to go to Paris next week.  It is somewhere I have always wanted to visit and to share it with my family is fantastic!  My number one thing I want to do there?  Picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower!
  • I am even MORE excited to visit HOME!  We fly straight from Paris to CHICAGO. 🙂
  • Currently reading: Opening the Hand of Thought by Kosho Uchiyama



  • Is making progress at work and liking the challenges this new position is giving him.
  • Is becoming a wine connoisseur.
  • Favorite food of the moment?  Pesto pasta.
  • Currently watching: Fringe, the final season
  • Currently reading:  the news.
  • Also excited to visit Paris!



  • Rides his new bike every chance he gets.  He goes pretty fast, which makes mommy’s heart leap from her chest.
  • Has been using Italian words and repeating things he hears.  He is on his way to understanding basic commands and phrases!
  • Favorite food of the moment?  Anything involving pasta.  Also oranges from Sicily!
  • Favorite toy? “Tiny” legos.
  • Blossoming into a very caring and wonderful big brother.
  • Excited for Paris because of hot chocolate and macaroons.



  • Second black eye of her life.
  • New words are “hello”, “more”, “teeth”, “ciao”, “ato” (gelato)
  • Tries desperately to keep up with her older brother, including chasing him on his bike.
  • Loves to play dress up and parade around the house.
  • Also loves pointing to people and saying “baby” and pointing to animals and squeaking.
  • Loves to sing, especially the “EIEIO” chorus of Old McDonald.
  • Hugs and kisses everything, including mommy, daddy, and “bubba” ❤
  • Favorite food?  Proscuitto

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