Italian Eggs Benedict…a yummy recipe!

I love experimenting with breakfast.  For some reason it feels more open to experimentation than dinner.  Maybe I begin the day with a more optimistic view point?  If I mess up breakfast, there is always something to fall back on, but dinner?  If you mess up dinner with two hungry kids on your hands, boy are you screwed.

The other day, I decided to dig around into some leftovers for breakfast. What came out of it was my version of eggs Benedict.  It is gluten free and all Italian. 🙂  I hope you will try to make it yourself, it is easy and rewarding to the taste buds.  Talk about a nice start to the day!

Really this is all about assembling instead of following a specific recipe.  What you will need:

  • Greens, either cooked or raw.  I used cooked spinach with lemon and olive oil, a common side dish found here in Italy that we recreate on a nightly basis.
  • Proscuitto, two slices.  I would imagine that smoked salmon would be equally as wonderful!
  • Fried or poached egg, whatever you like the best!  I made an over easy egg and it was scrumptious!

Now to assemble.  I laid the proscuitto pieces side by side on a large plate. Then, I warmed the greens in a large skillet. Next, I divided the greens into two little piles and placed them each in the center of each of the proscuitto slices.  I rolled the proscuitto around the spinach to create little burritos and sat them side by side on the plate.  Then, I made my egg and laid it gently on top.  Viola!  And yum!


Some other nice variations would be to sub smoked salmon for proscuitto or add some salsa or pesto on top of the egg.  Enjoy and have a great morning!


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