Last Tango in Paris

Our last day was saved for Versailles. I had visions of my Easter clothing-clad children frolicking through the gardens. Didn’t happen. It was too chilly for them to wear their Easter garb, as we would be outside all day. Also, Versailles was CROWDED, as expected.

When the kids woke up on Easter morning, I had a small present for each of them. In Europe, they don’t really have the “Easter Bunny” which is how I prefer it. Instead, the kids get big eggs filled with small toys or candy to celebrate the day that Jesus rose from the dead. I hid the two large eggs in the hotel room and Vance found them within about a minute. They were excited for their little surprises though.


We took the Metro to Versailles, which was great. I love trains and the ride was a short 30 minutes. Once at the palace, we found out that the wait was 2 hours to reach the palace interior. Thank goodness we had a stroller and a Paris Museum Pass, because they let us come to the front of the line and we didn’t have to wait at all.

The interior of the palace was very cool, but honestly it was so crowded that it was a little miserable in there. We shuffled from room to room, admiring the artwork, architecture, and furniture. The highlight of the trip to Versialles, for me, was lunch at Angelina’s.  I don’t like to be in that crowded of a situation with a fussy toddler who wants to walk and touch EVERYTHING so lunch in a nice open dining room was quite a relief. Of course, our lunch was fantastic, as was the famous Angelina’s hot chocolate we shared afterwards.

IMG_4588 IMG_4592 IMG_4593 IMG_4596 IMG_4598 IMG_4601 IMG_4603 IMG_4604 IMG_4606 IMG_4607

The gardens were way too crowded to see which was unfortunate, so we boarded a train back to Paris to explore the gardens there instead.  We spent the afternoon at parks and sitting at a little cafe people watching and munching some crepes. Did I mention that the cafes are like movie theaters in their set up, with all of the chairs and tables facing the sidewalk so that people can just observe passers by? So fun! We also found a street market and Vance got to try out the trampoline/bungee activity. Needless to say, he LOVED it.

Entertainment in Paris. Who needs television or a movie playing when you have REAL people?
Paellas for days!

IMG_4620 IMG_4625 IMG_4628 IMG_4632 IMG_4637

And that concludes our Paris trip. The next day, we left early for the airport. As I am writing, I am sitting in our HOME in EVANSTON! Even after all of the traveling we have done and all of the cool things we have been privileged enough to see, being in my own home is the most thrilling of all. We are here for the month, getting our visa stuff ironed out and visiting with friends and family before heading back to Italy for the remainder of the year.

I hope that life is treating you well wherever you are!

Ciao Ciao!

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