Naked in the sprinkler

We are visiting Grandma in Indiana.  My children are thrilled, they never want to leave.  Cookies and milk before bed?  Grandma cuddles in the rocking chair, kisses and surprises?  I can’t compete.  So I have to try even harder to be the cool adult in the house.

The other day, I let them strip down and run butt naked in the sprinkler.  I win.

We got some tupperware containers, bowls, little plastic insects and lizards, and made homes for them in the yard.  Then we filled them up with water and I busted out the sprinkler for good measure.  From there, the clothes came off (of the children) and it was a free for all.

While I can’t in good conscious post pictures of my naked children on the Internet, I can tell you that they have the cutest little butts on the planet.  Also, I can beg you to sort through old photos until you find one of yourself running naked through the sprinkler.

It is a rite of passage of childhood and ever so necessary for an unforgettable summer so I am sure you can find one.  Also find the ones of yourself with a KoolAid mustache smeared across your face and sticky arms from melting popsicles.  Now sigh to yourself…those were the days.

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