Since being here, we have noticed one huge difference between the beaches in Italy and those in the US (besides the nudity).  There are not many sandy, soft beaches.  Most are rocky, although they are small, smooth pebbles so they are still walkable.  Last weekend, we ventured to the Adriatic Sea and finally found the sandy beach we have been looking for!

We went to the coast for the beautiful city of Ravenna, but had to stop by the beach for the day because the weather was just too good to be stuck in anything but a bathing suit.  It was supposed to be rainy, so I am glad we took a chance and packed our suits just in case! We drove to the tiny beach town of Lido Adriano and found a cafe on the beach, selling snacks and espressos and renting changing rooms, umbrellas, and beach chairs.

The water was so WARM and wonderful.  So much less shocking than Lake Michigan.  We all enjoyed swimming for a while and playing in the sand.  For lunch, we dried off and walked over to a small restaurant for some pasta, mussels, and vino.  Gelato was obviously on the agenda as well, because when we pass by a gelateria, Vance can smell it and knows it is close.  On the weekends when we are traveling, we surrender to his requests pretty easily because we want some of it for ourselves too.

We spent a few more hours hanging out by the water.  At one point, Caroline took a nap and Vance dug a hole and buried himself (with a little help from JW) so we were able to relax in our rented beach chairs.  AaaaahI love the beach!









We did go back to Ravenna for the evening and the next day.  I have so many beautiful pictures to share of that wonderful city, but it will have to wait until the next post!

Ciao Ciao!


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