Caroline the tour guide

When we were in Ravenna, Caroline became very headstrong (and vocal) about being out of the stroller (surprise surprise!).  She was able to explore a little more because of that and I got some cute pictures of her discovering different parts of the Italian life. So here is Ravenna through Caroline’s eyes…

She showed me the bikes. It is very important to understand how much Italians bike. And not just young people but every single person…even 90 year olds bike to run their errands with a cane attached to the side!
Relaxing with each other is something Italians love to do. Old men sitting and sharing stories on benches, women walking arm in arm. This country has a lot of love to give!
She likes to say “Ciao” to people. And they gobble it up like Thanksgiving dinner…
Gelato…here she has decided it is time for gelato and a snack.
The pasta. We all know how important this is.
But seriously, have you seen this pasta?

And one last little treat, the Pigeon Rodeo


2 thoughts on “Caroline the tour guide

  1. That girl is too precious! I miss you guys but so happy you are having such a great adventure! We need to FaceTime soon!


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