Firenze (again!)

Wow…what a weekend!

We met Nana and Papa G down in Florence for a few days before heading over to the Mediteranean coast.  It was a great time and so much fun to have family here with us to share the food, history, beauty, and sun-drenched Tuscan days.

We had been to Florence before, but it is one of those cities that has more to discover each and every time we visit.  Last time we were here, we hit all of the larger sites.  This time, we snuck those in but also got to wander a little more and enjoy more of the food and cultural aspects (and wine) of Tuscany.

We meandered on Ponte Vecchio, went into the Pitti Palace’s Boboli Gardens, toured the Duomo, shopped a bit, hit the leather market, rode the carousel (well as least the kids did) in the Piazza della Republica where our hotel was located, sat down for a nice cocktail every night, and enjoyed huge, wonderful meals.  We also got to see the statue of David this time around, which was larger than life and really an inspiration to see in person.

So here is a summary of the two days we spent in Florence in pictures.

Ponte Vecchio
A nice view from the Boboli Gardens, looking back at the Duomo
A cave we found hidden in the Boboli Gardens. It was at one point decorated with frescoes and statues but now is covered in Limestone and shells, almost as if it has been under water.



Pitti Palace, the view from the upper gardens
Vance watching a woman hand roll her biscotti
Cheese cart at the food market
Porcini mushrooms
These are super spicy little peppers from India…the sign says “Better than Viagra”.
Caroline with her Nana and Papa G
Here we are entering the courtyard of a leather shop run by monks

IMG_5161 IMG_5160 IMG_5156

David…and yes I walked around the backside to get a look at HIS backside…

IMG_5216 IMG_5211 IMG_5110

I will see you back here tomorrow for a look at our pictures from Santa Margherita (which are kind of amazing and make me want to live there)! Ciao Ciao!


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