Santa Margherita and Portofino (insert loud relaxing sigh here)

Aaaaaahhhh the Italian Riviera. Our second trip here as well. It is such an indescribable place.  SO much beauty and the sun just shines so warm and bright.  The days are filled with swimming in the super salty and refreshing water of the Mediteranean, enjoying a Spritz on the beach with a huge piece of olive oil drenched foccacia.  The evenings are filled with quiet passagiatas, the sun casting beautiful shadows on the hand-laid old cobblestone streets. Vendors sit outside of their shops, chatting with locals while people sit around laughing around a table full of local Pinot Grigio at one of the nearby bars.

Every time we go I wish I could stay longer.  I think I could stay there my whole life and never tire of it.  We brought the in-laws and they felt the same.  Maybe I could convince everyone I love to just move there?

This time, thanks to Nana, JW and I were able to enjoy a swim in the ocean together, paddling out as far as we could go in the salty water.  It was so cold and refreshing. We had to jump off of a pier because the rocky bottom was a little hard on our bare feet. Caroline joined in, submerging herself with Grant for a few minutes before she got too cold.  We all enjoyed a whole afternoon on the beach, kicking back in the beach chairs when we could.  We gathered a picnic lunch from a few nearby stores.  That night, we did the evening passiagata before heading to a delicious dinner (of pesto and mussels for me!) at a small place nearby.

Gotta love the Europeans and their beach chairs and umbrellas everywhere….one less thing to carry when you are heading to the beach with kids!
The famous Pinguino….any flavor of gelato you want dipped in chocolate.
Just hanging out in front of the foccacia bakery…you know how we roll
Our hotel of choice, Lido Palace. Highly recommended for its beach front location and awesome staff if you are ever in the area! 🙂
The piazza in front of the old church in downtown Santa Margherita.

IMG_5264 IMG_5253 IMG_5247 IMG_5246 IMG_5240 IMG_5236



The next day, we hopped on a taxi boat to Portofino, about a 15 minute ride north of Santa Margherita.  We wanted to make sure that Nana and Papa G got to see the famous port and experience some of its magic before heading back to the States.  The boat ride was great and offered up some amazing views.  If you are ever in the area, I highly suggest it, as the taxi boats are MUCH less expensive than the tour boats.  We hiked a little in Portofino before sitting at the waterfront to sip on a spritz and gobble some foccacia.

Could the water BE any more beautiful?

IMG_5308 IMG_5314 IMG_5318 IMG_5319 IMG_5330 IMG_5337 IMG_5345 IMG_5350 IMG_5357

Once we were back in Santa Margherita, we grabbed one last pinguino before heading back to Scandiano.  Such a beautiful place and a great weekend with family!

This weekend we are relaxing in Scandiano, but next weekend we head out on a trip to Croatia.  Talk about squeezing in as much travel as we can before we head home at the end of July!


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