My favorite new breakfast…..

You have to have an open mind to read this post.  And by open mind, I mean allow yourself to imagine ordinary plantains transforming themselves into yummy, scrumptious, beautiful little pancakes.

photo 1

I have been gluten free for a while now and, although I have found many wonderful recipes to keep me from wanting any gluten ever again, I still sometimes miss pancakes.  That is, until now. I know that I could easily buy a gluten free mix or just use a gluten free flour to make pancakes, but I like a challenge (and I like to feel energized after breakfast).  Using those flours usually makes me feel sluggish and tired, just like gluten does.  So I have been searching for the perfect grain-free recipe and have finally found it, thanks to The Paleo Mom  <—-click for the recipe!

These amazing pancakes are made using plantains, eggs, coconut oil, baking soda, vanilla and salt.  Put it in a blender.  Thats it.  Plantains are a great starch, one that delivers energy and vitamins in a yummy little package.  Plus they are pretty easy to find nowadays.  I have found that these pancakes have the best texture and taste versus all other gluten free versions.  They are also a blank slate for any type of pancake you want to make (our favorites are chocolate chip or blueberry, although plain pancakes with butter and maple syrup are amazing as well). Now for a few words of wisdom when working with these plantain pancakes….

  • First of all the recipe calls for two green plantains.  I have found that using one ripe (yellow) plantain and one green plantain actually gives the best taste and texture.  If you can only find green plantains, use two and then add a banana into the mix for a little added sweetness.  I have also tried to ripe plantains, and the pancakes tasted great but were more difficult to flip and easier to burn.  Either way, this recipe is pretty forgiving so feel free to experiment!
  • When using a skillet, even if its nonstick, make sure that you grease it up with some butter or coconut oil.
  • Keep the heat on low or medium low so as to not burn them.
  • If you have leftovers (unlikely), store them in a plastic bag at room temperature.  I have found that storing them in the fridge actually dries them out.

Enjoy!  Let me know how your experimentation goes!


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