On the line…

The Internet is a vast cloud of (sometimes) useless information.  Here are just a few things I have found while looking around…

  • This artist is amazing.  Tiny EVERYTHING!
  • I used to love rock climbing (pre-children) and, while I am about a thousand lifetimes away from climbing anything difficult, THIS 11 YEAR OLD is killing it.
  • Sparkle Stories: The kids and I are currently loving these original audio books for children.  We just bought a subscription and I am so pleased to find mindful media that is also entertaining!  It is enhancing their listening skills while at the same time giving them concrete tools to deal with complex emotions and problems that arise in daily life.  And its just plain fun to listen together as a family.
  • I recently subscribed to The Tasting Table foodie newsletter and am so happy I did!  Check out their Web site for recipes, videos, how-to’s, pairings, etc.
  • Your moment of Zen for the day.

I will see you back here tomorrow for a Filterless Friday pic!


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