See the child

Sometimes, when I am putting the kids to sleep at night and finally have time to reflect on the day, I find myself uncovering special little truths about the two people we are currently raising.

Last night, as I tucked them in, I really saw their smallness. How tiny their hands still are, how their heads are still kind of too big for their bodies.  How strong they are becoming but still how much more growing they have to do.

And I realized that too much, during the course of our days when we get bogged down in the “go here”, “do this”, “please eat just one bite of food from your plate”, “stop poking your sister in the eye”….that I forget they are babies.  They are children who have yet to see and experience and learn most of the things about our way of life.

Sometimes, especially in our culture, we obsess about the outcome of our children’s lives. Will they be successful? Will they always wet the bed? Will they end up in therapy? We forget the here and now.  That right now they are children. We need to see the children in front of us instead of the adults that they will become. After all, we have no more say in who they will become than we have in the fact that they may or may not want to wear pants tomorrow.

And having this outlook, we can finally take them for who they are now.  We don’t have to worry so much.  They are beings of the universe, they have a purpose in this world, and our job as parents is to help them uncover that purpose and their passion for life.


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