Cold toes and a happy heart

The other night, my wonderful husband offered to put the kiddos to bed to let me get out of the house for a little “me” time.  It wasn’t even Mother’s Day!  I took myself on a date to the beach a few minutes from our house.


It had rained all day but the night was clear and cool.  I left my shoes near the entrance to the beach and walked in, pressing my happy feet into the sand.  I wasn’t alone, there were people with their dogs, children running up and down, and a lone walker or two, like myself.  The water was so cold that, when I put my feet in it, I felt an ache in every toe.  But it woke me up to the moment and I was able to savor the pink sky and beautiful Lake Michigan scenery.


It was such a nice way to finish off the day.  I can’t wait for the warm weather (hopefully coming soon) and beach days and nights such as these with my brood.  These are the memories I truly cherish from here in our little corner of the world.


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