YEA! (Young Evanston Artists) Festival 2015

Every year our great little community puts on an art festival to showcase children’s art from each school and art program in Evanston.  It is a great way to teach kids to be proud of the power of their own creativity.  It is also a great way to raise children’s interest in art as a creative outlet.


Vance had a piece of art represented through his preschool, a warthog that he and his class worked together to create for a classroom safari they had in April.  So, we rode out bikes to the festival to see the project displayed.  He had so much fun searching for it and finally seeing it, hung for all to see.  We also enjoyed the numerous children’s activities including live music from multiple children’s choirs and bands, face painting, a working Rube Goldberg machine, and arts and carts scattered here and there.




Both kids were running from place to place, enamored with the art that other kids had created.  I wish I could hang only children’s art in my home.  I love the beauty, simplicity, and purity of it!  Luckily, if Caroline colors one more wall, we will be on our way to a full blown mural around here!


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