Okay, so I am a little old fashioned, but still hip

The other day, after I got done talking to my husband about my ideas for a small raised bed on our small urban balcony, it hit me…

I guess I am an urban homesteader after all.

And here I have been trying to avoid coming to terms with the fact that I am a farm girl stuck in a city girl’s body.  Of course it all makes sense now.  Sewing clothes for myself and my kids? Check.  Fermenting anything and everything? Check. Baking and cooking from scratch daily? Check.  Community garden plots, natural remedies, farmers markets, cloth diapering, grassfed everything, no cable, homemade cleaning products….yeah I guess I am a bit crunchy come to think of it.

But I can see how this return to simplicity, to using our own hands to do so much of our own work, makes us so happy.  Although we don’t live on acres of land, we try to do a lot of good with what we’ve got.  And it doesn’t suck that the amenities of urban living are literally just a few steps away.  Maybe we can have it all.

And being able to walk to the beach at the end of a hot summer day is just something that makes my soul so happy!  Thank goodness summer is finally here….we have been waiting a long time to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin!  I wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day filled with a grateful heart, family, fun, and good food!


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