The best is never enough

It doesn’t matter whether you are the mom of a newborn or an empty nester, at some point today you probably suffered from “mom guilt”.  It is that feeling you get when you doubt yourself.  When you think you just might not be good enough for that angel of yours. You work tirelessly to make sure they have everything they need, they are happy, they are well adjusted.  But at the end of the day, after you put that child to bed and walk out of their bedroom, you will probably find yourself wondering “did I do my best today?” or “I should have handled that tantrum better”.  And if your children are already grown, you are probably questioning yourself in the same light throughout the day.  Wondering what mistakes you have made and are yet to make.

Your best will never be good enough.

But that is because you love your children so much that your heart nearly explodes with extreme emotion for their sake.  They are having a bad day?  You probably are too (in more ways than one).  They are experiencing delight over a new skill they have just mastered?  You couldn’t be prouder even if it was your own self mastering said skill.  You want only the best for them. How many of us see those pregnant first time mothers walking around and just want so badly to tell them all of the love that is coming their way?  And with that all of the heartbreak and emotion. So many emotions, so many parts to being a mother.  And yet I know that I wouldn’t trade it for all of the coffee in the world.

Heres to our children, who make us see the precious reality of life.  Who open our eyes daily with their crazy questions.  Who, just by being themselves, can change us as people for the rest of our lives.


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