Summer sprinkles

The weather has been quite back and forth here.  I think everyone in our area has agreed that we have all put away our winter coats and hats about 4 different times this year…each time only to reach back into the closet to get them out when the temperature drops yet again.  When the weather has been warm, there has been quite a bit of rain, which is ironic considering the droughts in the Western part of our country.

This year, instead of cursing the warm, rainy days, we have been trying to enjoy them.  I have been walking with the kids everywhere despite the weather so we have gotten ourselves wet in a few tiny rain storms.  It is amazing how the air can warm your skin, causing the rain to feel a bit cool and even refreshing.

The other night, we were enjoying dinner on our balcony when a small rainstorm began.  We are completely covered so we could sit and enjoy the sounds and smells of the rain as they happened.  When the small storm was over, the sun came right out, crating a rainbow to the East.  It was the first rainbow the kids have ever seen!  After a few minutes another rainbow formed on top of the first one.  Caroline was a bit scared at first, partly because she really didn’t know why there was something like that in the sky.  She has been talking about it ever since though.  I have had to answer the question “where did the rainbow go?” about a hundred times a day since then.


I am looking forward to the colder days being over so that we can enjoy more warm, sunny days, but I definitely won’t take the warm, rainy days for granted either!


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