Old Fashioned Valentines

I have a deep appreciation for all things old fashioned.  As if they come from a wiser time in our history, when stuff could not be mass produced and more time, effort, love and skill was put into making things.  Whether it was a pair of socks that had to be knit by hand or that loaf of bread that someone had to sweat over in their kitchen, kneading it with a strong palm, there was more loving effort put into things before the rise of the machine and mass production.  People had to be much more mindful about what they consumed simply because making things took more time and concentrated effort.  We are sorely missing that in our society today.

I love knitting for my family and baking from scratch, growing our own food, and living a more simple life.  So, it comes as no surprise that when it comes to holidays we prefer the handmade over the store bought.  Valentines are no exception.  Both of the older kids were excited to make Valentines this year, and although the thought of glitter, glue and doilies stuck to every surface of my dining room gave me a little bit of a headache, I was happy to let them explore and create with their hands to make something special for family and friends.

Children, like adults, thrive on the focus it takes to work on a project.  The attention to detail, creativity, imagination, and execution are great skills for them to develop and a great antidote to the fast paced world outside of our home.  Our Valentines were simple, construction paper hearts, glittery stickers, and of course the ever popular doily (is that even how you spell that awkward word?).  I hope they have a sense of pride in giving their handmade cards full of bits of love to friends and family!  Let’s face it, the world could use a lot of love right now and even though Valentines Day tends to be commercialized, we can still use it as a reminder of the ever present love and compassion we always carry within.

Happy Valentines Day!


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