On the line

Another round up of some of my favorite things on the Internet right now…appropriate for little kids and big kids alike.

  • Baby Bat Burritos – and, no, its not someone carnivorously snacking on baby bats.  My kids asked to see this video at least 20 times and now they want a bat for a pet.
  • The Purl Bee – For any craft lovers.  I WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING AND I WANT TO MAKE IT NOW.
  • The Shelter Pet Project – No, this doesn’t mean we are adopting an animal, but this is a great Web site to help shelter pets find their forever homes.
  • Oyster Books – If you are an avid reader like me, you must have heard of this.  I just can’t bring myself to fully commit, though, because I adore the smell of library books.
  • The Voice Kids?  Have I been under a rock?  Australia has all of the best television!  And this little girl is amazing.
  • Tiny Hamster Tiki Party – consider this you moment of zen for the day.

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